This helps us achieve spectacular speeds ranging from 270 km/h to over 310 km/h. In the TH2.997, for instance, the engine – which is equipped with two turbochargers, VarioCams and two charge-air intercoolers – provides a maximum torque of 620 Nm between 1,900-5,000 rpm. The ultimate drive for racing and recreation.

With its heart in the right place, as befits a Porsche drive, our bus engines too are fitted at the rear of the vehicle! On a framework specially designed by us, the entire rear sheet facing is welded so as to fit perfectly onto the T5 body. Our power range begins from 314 kW/420 hp (TH2.996) or 353 kW/480 hp (TH2.997) and currently extends to a maximum of 597 kW/800 hp.